2020-05-14 E-Edition



CANDACY TAYLOR REMEMBERS BEING enraged and saddened by her stepfather’s story. As a little boy, Ron Burford was traveling with his mother and father in Tennessee when a white sheriff stopped their car. “Where did you get this vehicle? What are you doing here? And who are these people with you?” he demanded. Ron’s father, who was driving, told him […]

Across the state, shelters rally to help animals in need

It’s not just the humans who have been impacted by COVID-19. Throughout America, animal shelters and humane societies have scrambled to protect their staffs and the public while continuing to provide services to animals in need during an unprecedented health crisis. All over the Sunshine State, shelters are shut down or open in a limited capacity, employees have lost jobs […]

For the good of the people


The growing notion now that, economically, things should change, that we should behave more responsibly when this is all over, remains pretty vague so far. Perhaps our futurists simply lack imagination, like drivers who run out of gas somewhere between Des Moines and Denver then insist we build more service stations on the prairie. Or private pilots who run out […]

Show us your favorite photo of your beloved pet

One of our favorite projects at Florida Weekly is the Pet Lovers special edition that features — what else? — pictures from our readers of the furry, slithery, slobbery, whiskered, feathered, hoofed, amphibious or otherwise non-human companions that help make your lives complete. Enter your favorite shot (one entry per person, please) by using the contest tab on the Bonita […]

Climate change has a viral infection

Covid-19 claimed its latest victims — the climate crusaders. Cooling the earth and saving the planet will have to wait a while. Even before the pandemic, things were not going well. Temperatures were rising faster than projected, as was the sea level. Fossil fuel use was not diminishing. Cries to seal the wellheads went unanswered. Oil and natural gas production […]

“Don’t give up on your dream”

Reshma Tannassee’s startup sauces and seasonings are hot commodities

Deomattie “Reshma” Tannassee’s mantra is “Never give up.” After starting her Caribbean hot sauce business, Carina’s Hot Sauce, at the Florida Culinary Accelerator @ Immokalee in April 2018, Ms. Tannassee started marketing hot sauce, salsa and pepper jelly to Southwest Florida food distributors and stores. Now, those products and many more are “white-labeled” by Wynn’s Market, where customers will see […]

450-plus signs will say it all: Congratulations, Class of 2020

Williams Road in Estero will look a little different on Friday, May 15, when volunteers begin staking 456 Estero High School graduating seniors’ names on the school grounds on River Ranch Road off of Williams Road. The project is organized by the Estero Education Initiative Fund as a way to honor the new grads. The school’s official graduation ceremony for […]

Hodges University reschedules commencement to October

The rite of passage for university students is graduation. True to form, members of the Hodges University Class of 2020 have been counting down the days to celebrate their accomplishments. Due to COVID-19 and for the safety of all Hodges students, faculty, staff and the community, the Hodges University 31st annual commencement ceremony has been rescheduled to Sunday, Oct. 4. […]

The art of experiencing “People & Places” during a global pandemic

Adolf Dehn (1895-1968) managed to become a great American master in spite of having his first New York exhibition during the start of the Great Depression. His masterful technique in media such as lithography, pastel, pen and ink, charcoal, watercolor, casein and litho crayon captured the world and the people around him. In addition to the Great Depression, Mr. Dehn […]