2017-08-10 / Top News

Bonita Springs adds Instagram to city’s communication efforts

The private social media platform Instagram is a social network for the city to post pictures of events happening in Bonita Springs. The community can visit the city’s Instagram platform to see pictures of the city events, city-wide updates, photos from city council meetings and more.

The city also shares information on Twitter, Nextdoor and Facebook. To follow the city of Bonita Springs on Facebook or Twitter, visit www.cityofbonitasprings.org and click the Facebook and/or Twitter icon midway on the homepage.

If residents would like to receive updates on the Nextdoor network, they can visit nextdoor.com. The city page is listed as the City of Bonita Springs on the Nextdoor site.

Visit Instagram today to see the newest playground that was just installed at Community

Park. For any questions, call 949-6262. ¦

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