2017-06-15 / Top News

City communication efforts moving to the Next Door platform

The city of Bonita Springs plans to share city news through the Next Door social media platform. If residents would like to receive updates on the Next Door network they can visit nextdoor.com.

The city’s page is listed as the City of Bonita Springs on the Next Door site. The city will post information on upcoming events and programs. The city also shares information on Twitter and Facebook. To follow the city on those platforms, visit www.cityofbonitasprings.org and click the Facebook or Twitter icon midway on the homepage. The city plans to also roll out an official city page on Instagram this summer. Residents can also sign up to receive city documents by visiting http:// www.cityofbonitasprings.org/government/ city-documents/.

According to Lora Taylor, director of communications, “Bonita Springs City Council made government transparency a strategic priority. The communications department has been working to increase outreach and accessibility to citizens through various outreach tools. These tools include e-blasts, newsletters and social media networks. The city is also working on designing a new city website. The city is seeking proposals for the project at this time. The request for proposals outlining the project is posted on the city website under the procurement tab.

Council have been doing their part to increase communication within districts as well as citywide. One example is Councilwoman Amy Quaremba’s pilot program to expand outreach in her district. Ms. Quaremba is working with staff to update contacts for neighborhoods, she sends updates to her constituents about city news and attends community events. She is currently filming an Our Town segment to be aired on Bonita Television Channel 98, where she highlights residents and communities in District One. ¦

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