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Settling in for a long, cool season of binge-watching


Finally, after a long, long wait, binge season is here.

Not binge eating, not binge drinking and not binge shopping. Instead, it’s time for the most glorious binging of all: The Netflix Binge.

Sometimes, I wonder if the fine folks at Netflix plan binge season specifically for Southwest Floridians. I mean, so much of the rest of the country is enjoying a long-awaited summer of temperatures in the 70s. They’re outside riding bikes and swimming in lakes. They have far too many fun outdoor activities to keep them occupied as opposed to sitting in the comfort of the air-conditioned homes, curtains drawn, happily bingeing on Netflix.

But around these parts, binge season coincides perfectly with hibernation season. The relentless afternoon thunderstorms and the hot, humid 98-degree days make for the ideal time to put the ceiling fan on high, cozy up on the sofa and binge-watch the days away.

The third (and sadly, final) season of “Bloodline” was released at the end of May and I gobbled up all 10 episodes in about 72 hours. Then, since I was so sad the Florida Keys thriller starring Sissy Spacek as matriarch of the wildly dysfunctional

Rayburn family was done and over with, I even bid on some items in an online end-of-show auction. (Thankfully, I didn’t win anything. Most of it was clothes, and I’m pretty certain I’d never have been able to squeeze into a pair of Ms. Spacek’s teeny-tiny pedalpushers.)

I then set my bingeing sights on the recently released “The Keepers,” which critics are calling this season’s “Making A Murderer.” It’s a seven-part documentary about the murder of young nun in Baltimore back in 1969. If it were a book, it would be a page-turner. One night I binge-watched it until 3 a.m., even though I suspected it would give me nightmares (it did), but it was so good.

My husband loves “House of Cards,” so when the scheming Frances and Claire Underwood returned with a new season of political depravity, we jumped on board for the binge. Since Todd is not one to stay up until the wee hours, this binge is more like moderate snacking. We usually take in two episodes a night and are down to just two more to go.

Which means it’s a good thing “Orange is the New Black” has started up again. Just as I finish digesting “House of Cards,” I’ll be able to devour an entire season of the socially conscious comedy/drama set in a women’s prison. It should take me about 36 hours. It’s not healthy, but it’s oh, so delicious.

So thanks to Netflix, I have an excuse to hibernate from the heat and enjoy a cool, cozy summer in front of the TV. I’m already thinking about the next binge. I’ve heard “Girl Boss” is good, as are “Master of None” and “Grace and Frankie.”

It’s going to be a long, cool summer. ¦

— Ciao for now, my lovelies! Stay tuned for another divalicious diary entry next week….

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