2017-04-20 / Business News

Take your kid to work day!

President & CEO, Bonita Springs Chamber of Commerce

April 27 is “Take Your Kid to Work Day,” and while I never participated in it as a child, I did spend a lot of time helping out in my parents’ business growing up. Whether you take a child to work April 27 or have them visit or volunteer after school, having kids spend any time in your workplace is a great way for them to learn about what it’s like to have a job. It can give them an idea of what they might want to do (or not do) when they grow up, and can even teach them some skills.

Here are some experiences the chamber staff had at “Take Your Kid to Work Day” as kids:

Charles Stanisce, member services representative: “My mom is a nurse manager for the OR at a huge hospital.

She took me one day and I peeked through an operating room window. It was at that moment that I realized I did not want to go into the medical field.”

Chelsea Garlock, events and creative coordinator: “My dad owns the transportation company that transports all the local newspapers and I remember going to work with him in the middle of the nights during snowstorms, he would put chains on the tires of the van and drive around making sure the bundles of newspapers were distributed. I’m pretty sure I slept most of the time.”

Nina Barbero, communications coordinator: “My dad worked for the military engines side of Pratt & Whitney, and they do a huge program for ‘Take Your Kid to Work Day.’ I remember visiting the hangar, seeing the engineers use lasers to make all the kids fake dog tags with their names, and watching a cool ‘Birds of Prey’ presentation with owls, eagles and hawks to show how their flight helped inspire jet design. I definitely own more free safety goggles now than I will ever need.” ¦

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