2017-03-16 / Top News

Endeavor partners with investors

Endeavor Innovative Workspaces has announced a partnership with private equity investors at Youngbloods Inc. in Fort Myers. After opening its doors in 2016, Endeavor will take steps this year to expand its programs to include formal development tracks and incubation programs for entrepreneurs and companies in different stages of growth, the company said. These programs, among others, will be implemented in the coming months — as will plans to expand the existing 15,000-square-foot facility.

Youngbloods Chairman Matt Hurley commented on his vision for this partnership by painting a picture of economic growth and ongoing innovation. “There’s something special going on at Endeavor,” said Mr. Hurley. “When you get the right people with the right vision into a place that fosters innovation and forward thinking, you have a recipe for powerful change. The days of considering Southwest Florida as only a retirement destination are gone. Southwest Florida will soon be a location that individuals and families of all walks of life will choose as the place to create new ideas, grow companies, raise families and build the next generation of innovators.”

“Endeavor is going to change a lot of things for a lot of people,” said founder Bjorn Rosinus. “This dream of mine has grown from what was once just an idea for better office space into something so much more. Together ... we will be able to bring about a movement in the private sector like Southwest Florida has never seen before.” ¦

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